SChenectady electric

A Division of Caruso Electrical Contracting

Schenectady Electric, located just down the road from GE, has provided electrical services in Schenectady, NY for more than 27 years. Our contractors are well-trained and capable of providing high quality assistance on both residential and commercial projects of any size. When you reach out to us, here’s what to expect:

  • A free, detailed quote
  • Skilled electrical help
  • Quality service
  • Reasonable pricing

For the better part of 3 decades, our professionals have offered electrical services to homes and businesses across the county. Our team of electricians take the time to inspect your property, identify what’s needed based on years of experience, and deliver an effective solution that lasts long term. Whatever size project you’re considering, our guys are the right ones to handle it. We do everything from lighting design and wiring to transformer repair. One of our most frequently requested services in retrofitting since many of Schenectady’s older homes have not updated their electrical panels in years. This type of work is very dangerous, which is why we recommend hiring a professional to do it.  In comparison to many of the electric companies Schenectady has, ours is the most reliable and guarantees your satisfaction. 

Trust our experts to troubleshoot your electrical issues and provide solutions that are both affordable and effective. We believe in offering premium quality results and the highest level of customer service no matter how large or small a project may be. Whether it’s an electrical emergency or you just need some light switches installed correctly, give us a ring and share some details on what you need us to do. We’ll send a teammate over to your property to meet and provide a free inspection as soon as you’d like.

Electrical Contractors for Homes

Most of the calls that come in occur when homeowners are trying to renovate a property. They make it half way through the project before realizing that they need a licensed electrical contractor to help with installation, upgrades, and repairs. If that’s you, it’s no problem at all! Give us a call to help with any of our residential services:

  • 120/240 Volt Feeders
  • Measuring amps
  • ATS controllers
  • Replacing breakers
  • Installing ceiling fans
  • Fixing circuits
  • Installing electric generators
  • Electric heating systems installation
  • Installation and repair of an electric water heater
  • Installation of electric ranges
  • Electrical panel updates
  • Low voltage wiring services
  • Putting in energy efficient lights
  • Installing exhaust fans
  • Exterior lighting
  • Fire alarm installation
  • Replacement of fuses
  • Generator replacement or repair
  • Installation of security systems
  • Indoor lighting solutions
  • Light switch installation
  • Outdoor lighting design
  • Electrical motor replacements
  • Installation of outlets
  • Home power services
  • Retrofitting

Whether it’s outdoor lighting or security system installation for your home, our electrical company brings in-field experience to every job we take on. Nothing compares to doing the work for years because we’ve seen just about everything. We can install a generator if you need backup power for your home. We can install new circuits, repair light switches, and add 120/240 volt feeders if needed. Our team can also install energy efficient lighting to get you the Leed-certified seal of approval. Need lighting for the outside of the house, patio, and shed, no problem! Our company offers package deals to save you money.

Generator Repair

Schenectady generators kick into high gear in the winter when the occasional power outage occurs. Without a generator for your home, you’re out of luck. The lights go off and won’t come back on for hours if you’re waiting for the town of Niagara Mohawk to fix it. The best solution to power outages is to installing a residential electrical generator. There are plenty of quality generators on the market that will provide enough electricity for heat and lighting for days. Call our electricians and book a time to discuss a new unit or the replacement of an older model. As generators age, parts begin to malfunction and can cause electrical fires. If you notice issues with the unit, contact our team right away to repair it.

Reliable Electrical Company in Schenectady, NY

Our company provides both residential and commercial electrical services in Schenectady county. Over the years, we’ve hired a great deal of experienced technicians and sent them through a rigorous training program to ensure they’re prepared to serve our customers well. From houses to hospitals, schools to restaurants, affordable electrical work is a must. We provide integrated wiring services, lighting design, installation and maintenance, voltage system analysis, transformer maintenance, and more. Here’s a list of some of the common requests we handle for business clients:

  • 480/277 volts feeders
  • AC conductor installs
  • Accent lighting installation
  • ATS controllers
  • Replacement for ballasts
  • Cat 5 Cable Installation
  • Circuit board updates and repairs
  • Commercial lighting
  • Generator installs
  • Power distribution (internal & external)
  • Fire alarm installs
  • High voltage electrical services
  • Integrated wiring services
  • Lamp Replacements
  • Lighting design
  • Phase circuits
  • Data cabling
  • Phone cabling
  • Power wiring
  • Residential electric services
  • Security system installs
  • Sign repairs
  • Transformer maintenance
  • Transformer repairs
  • Transformer rewinding
  • Twist Lock Receptacles
  • Voltage system analysis

Transformer Maintenance

Transformers are a key piece of any large scale electrical system because they regulate the power going through the grid to homes and businesses in the area. When a transformer goes down, hundreds to thousands of Schenectady residents lose power. And, at the site of the transformer, the danger is very real and could cause death. In times like these, local power companies ask our electrical contractors to manage the transformer repairs and maintenance. We work directly with them to ensure your electricity is restored as rapidly as possible.

Installation of Parking Lot Lights

If you have a parking lot that needs lighting, contact our team. We’ll install brand new lighting to increase the visibility in the vicinity of the business. Not only does this minimize the risks of injuries like trip and falls, but it also decreases the risk of crime because everything is well-lit. There’s nowhere to hide when the lights are on. Beyond protection, effective lighting has also been proven to drive more traffic to businesses. We handled lighting installation for hundreds of businesses and we would love to help you as well.

Call an experienced electrician today and see the difference in working with professionals that are here to serve.